Passion for Animals

When you buy an 'Avetta Bengal' Kitten you will receive; 

A truly friendly & well socialised kitten

Right from day one, our kittens get a huge amount love, fuss and attention. They are played with daily, promoting their independence and bonding skills and socialising them with our other cats and with other members of our family all ready for their new homes - LIKE ANY ANIMAL GOING INTO A NEW ENVIRONMENT THEY WILL TAKE A LITTLE WHILE TO SETTLE BUT WE TRY AND LET THEM EXPERIENCE AS MUCH OF LIFE AS POSSIBLE TO MAKE THE TRANSITION EASY FOR EVERYONE INVOLVED. 


A litter trained kitten
Our kittens will leave fully litter trained having been taught usually by their mums and of course by us at around 4-5 weeks and we ensure that all kittens will be well accustomed to the litter tray! 


A vaccinated kitten
All our kittens are vaccinated at BETWEEN 9-12 weeks old. The vaccinations protect each kitten against the threatening disease of Feline Leukemia, Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis - SOMETIMES KITTENS MAY REQUIRE THEIR SECOND VACCINATION SO WE WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE DATES AND VACCINATION CARD.


A vet checked kitten
We allow our kittens to leave us after their first vaccination around 9-10 weeks old. By this time your kitten will have been vet checked, where they will be FULLY examined, weighed and given an overall health check.


A worm/flea/parasite treated kitten
As soon as our kittens are old enough - they will be wormed, and treated for parasites - WE WILL ALSO GIVE YOU ALL THE DATES FOR THEIR ONGOING TREATMENTS.

To help settle in

We will provide you with a blanket, FOOD and A FEW toyS that the kitten is used to to help them settle into their new life with you.


We will provide all our Kittens with a file of all their pedigree /Vaccination record and worming dates - FAVOURITE FOODS ETC to help you on your way.

KnottingleY | West Yorkshire | UK

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